Goju Ryu Miami Kenseikan

Jul 7, 2017
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Miami Okinawan Goju Ryu Kenseikan is a family oriented martial arts center located in Doral, Florida. Our goal is to make our students more successful in life through the practice of martial arts. We are committed to the promotion and growth of the Martial Arts and dedicated to cultivating the individual excellence of each of our students.
The meaning behind Toku Bu Kan
In Kendo, defeating your opponent should not be obtained by ruthlessly over powering your opponent or by actions of trickery or anger towards them. Winning using these things will only create feelings of anger, revenge and unhappiness, however winning by true virtue (Toku) is truly winning. Your opponent will thank you when being defeated by you in this fashion and in the end, you will gain the respect from your opponent for these qualities you uphold during your exchange.
9851 NW 58th St #113, Doral, FL 33178,


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